Lista de Extensões Suportadas / Tipos de Arquivos:

The following file formats are supported by the Documents Backup & Recovery option for Windows workstations and laptops.


File extension

File type name

Text files

Microsoft Word (Office 97-2003)


Word document


Word document template


Word backup document


Microsoft Word Open XML (introduced in Office 2007)


Word document


Word macro-enabled document


Word document template


Word binary document


Other types of text files


OpenDocument text document


Pages document


Rich text format file


Plain text file


WordPerfect document


Microsoft Works word processor file


Data files


Comma-separated values file


Office data connection file


Apache OpenOffice math file


Page layout files


Portable document format file


OpenDocument drawing file


Microsoft Publisher publication


XML paper specification file


Presentation files

Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 97-2003)


PowerPoint presentation


PowerPoint slide show


PowerPoint template


Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML (introduced in Office 2007)


PowerPoint presentation


PowerPoint slide show


PowerPoint macro-enabled slide show


PowerPoint template


PowerPoint macro-enabled presentation


PowerPoint macro-enabled presentation template


PowerPoint macro-enabled add-in


PowerPoint slide


PowerPoint macro-enabled slide


Other types of presentation files


Keynote presentation


OpenDocument presentation


Spreadsheet files

Microsoft Excel (Office 97-2003)


Excel workbook


Excel template


Excel macro file


Microsoft Excel Open XML (introduced in Office 2007)


Excel workbook


Excel macro-enabled workbook


Excel template


Excel macro-enabled template


Misc. Excel formats


Excel binary worksheet (BIFF12)


Excel add-in file that contains macros


Excel add-in file


Excel add-in file


Excel work space


Other types of spreadsheets


OpenDocument spreadsheet


Apple Numbers application file


Microsoft Works spreadsheet